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Victoria Pellow

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Who you are: My name is Victoria others know me as 'Vicky' am 22 and female


Who (or what) you're raising money for: I am wanting to raise money for young epilepsy action as I hope they is a cure out their somewhere for my condition and others that suffer from different kinds of epilepsy.


Why this means so much to you: People who know me know how much I get scared of my condition one minuite I could be fine the next I could be on the floor in the recovery postion with no warning it scares me so much. I have sleep deprivation epilepsy which means it's mostly caused by tiredness and stress. I was at my school prom six years ago and i had a strange feeling it was just a really big camera flash as i was getting my picture done and everything went black. I thought nothing about it and six months down the line I was having a seizure 'fit' in the back of my father's car and woke up to been in the ambulance and on my way to A&E. The seizure that has scared me the most was having a 'fit' in the bus stop just as the bus was pulling in to pick up passengers, luckily they was people around who could help me.


How thankful you will be: I would be so thankful for people to help me out and reach my target so I can go on to do different things, this means so much to me as my older sister has tonic-clonic seizure's. I got told that I would be able to drive but i could end up killing someone if I was to have a seizure at the car wheel so I would rather stay safe, am not aloud to live on my own just incase something happens and also when I eventually have my own family the doctor said it could maybe passed down to my children and thats was scares me the most.

Victoria is fundraising towards

Wheelchair Accessible Playground

What We Need We want our students who are living with complex neurological conditions to enjoy fun outdoor play as part of their everyday lives. This is why we need your support to buy and install a wheelchair accessible roundabout and swing. Why We Need It Too often they' ...

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