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Martin Ramsay

Martin Ramsay



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My name is Martin Ramsay

Im looking to raise money for young children with epilepsy.

Being epileptic myself, i have been having seizures since the age of 12, i have been seizure free for the past 7 years through medication of epilim 200mg and change of lifestyle. For years i kept quiet about my condition after i got diagnosed as i got bullied, i felt a range of emotions since the diagnosis, including depression, anger and frustration, as well as feeling worried about the future. When people hear the word 'epilepsy' it gives the stigma of you cant do this or you cant do that, i have the attitude of wanting to change that and prove to people that we can do things people doubt upon.

Raising money for young people with epilepsy will mean alot to me which could help in schools, research, healthcare assistants/ professionals and medications

Martin is fundraising towards

Wheelchair Accessible Playground

What We Need We want our students who are living with complex neurological conditions to enjoy fun outdoor play as part of their everyday lives. This is why we need your support to buy and install a wheelchair accessible roundabout and swing. Why We Need It Too often they' ...

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