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Most of you will know I have just retired and I thought that I should do something with my time. I have decided to run the Paris Marathon on 8th April. So as not to regret this decision and to help motivate me with the training I am trying to help a charity that means a lot to our family.

The charity is Young Epilepsy. An organisation that has particularly helped my daughter and her family. About 6 months after LEO was born he started having seizures. It turned out that Leo was suffering from Epilepsy, he was also born with slight brain damage, and sometime after was registered as partially blind. Leo can't tell us about his sufferings because he cannot talk or walk. In fact, he cannot do anything for himself. One can only imagine the strains that this has had on his family, Mum(Michelle), Dad(Calvin), Brandon, Owen and Lexie. Fortunately, help has come since he was 11 from Young Epilepsy. They have a school and a college in Lingfield, Surrey. Leo boards through the week and comes home for the weekends. The school manages to invest so much time with him and all the other children/students they have in their care. Leo is now 14 years old and getting even harder (if that's possible) to manage. As a thankyou from concerned and grateful Grandparents, and of course the rest of our family, I would like to raise some funds for Young Epilepsy to help all the other children they have and will continue to have in their care. These children come from far away, as there is limited facilities anywhere else! Such a difficult task for the staff, where they have such a varied degree of problems from child to child. There are so many children affected by this awful illness and I know from Leo's experience that it is so difficult to control the seizures. So many options of medication that have to be tried to see if they can be controlled. In fact Leo's medication is reviewed and changed constantly.

I hate asking anyone for money so I will apologise now, but please consider that most of us have been born lucky. Many many families who have not been so lucky have to rely on Young Epilepsy to help and support them. This is a charity that is little known and does not have a big profile. Any money that is raised is just a drop in the ocean but it WILL help. Thankyou.

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