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Wheelchair Accessible Playground



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What We Need

We want our students who are living with complex neurological conditions to enjoy fun outdoor play as part of their everyday lives. This is why we need your support to buy and install a wheelchair accessible roundabout and swing.

Why We Need It

Too often they're watching other people enjoying sporting activities but we don't want our students to always be patient observers. Our staff are highly skilled at helping our young people enjoy the atmosphere at a football match. Leo for instance is visually impaired and although he can't see the game he enjoys nothing more than the roar of the crowd or the sound of an overhead plane. We would love nothing more than to see Leo and others like him at the centre of the action enjoying an activity first-hand. We believe they have a right to this and with your help we can make this happen.

Currently our young people travel to an accessible playground which sounds fun but is fraught with problems. There are no changing facilities so students have to come home or go to another venue for personal care. Students are often not well enough to travel and if one student falls ill the other students miss out. Our young people are very tolerant of these situations but their disappointment can be heart-breaking.

With such complex conditions days can be filled with physio, feeding, sleeping and taking medication; making a trip out is almost impossible to accommodate. Despite this our staff do manage it but how much easier it would be if the playground were just a few yards away.

Meet Jack

Jack, through tremendous effort, determination and bravery has become less dependent on his wheelchair.  We're very proud of him.  Jack no longer needs an accessible playground although on the days he is not so good it would be helpful for Jack  to have this facility so that he could transition more smoothly.  Jack is however concerned for his peers who he has shared so much of his life with, that although he can use the mainstream facilities, they have no outdoor playground.

How You Can Make a Difference

What difference would this make? Students could be taken to the playground during their waking moments rather than arriving when they're asleep; they could visit on their way to and from clinical appointments. If someone needed changing a member of staff could return to the house while others continue to enjoy supervised fun. Outdoor play could be integrated into the day, providing hours of freedom from constraints.

The playground would provide a social platform too where students could come together to 'high five,’ swap smiles and forge meaningful fun friendships; reducing feelings of isolation.

With so many conditions being regressive this facility will always be of value. We cannot emphasize enough how great the need is and thank you in advance for your generous support.

Help us to put play at the heart of their day!

What We Can Give You In Return

We willl celebrate our donors on our website
Donors will receive a thank you direct from our students
Donors are invited to tour our campus

For more information please visit our website

What Happens if We Don't Raise Enough Funds?

We will continue to raise funds using other fundraising methods until we have reached our total.

What If We Raise More Than the Required Funds

All funds raised will go toward helping us to build better futures for children and young people with epilepsy.